Usain Bolt Launches Video Game App

By Sherrie Ann De Leon Wed, 07/18/2012 - 20:44 SportTechnologyUsain BoltOlympicsMashableTelegraph

On the eve of the 30th Olympiad, the fastest man in the world has launched a new video game app.

Usain Bolt released Usain Bolt Athletics before his almost seven million followers on Facebook last Monday, while reassuring his fans:

"Don't worry people, I'm training hard and focused on London".

Bolt is being described as the main attraction at the London Olympics. All eyes are on him to defend his 100m and 200m records and titles.

But supporters got a jolt when he was beaten in Jamaica's Olympic trials by compatriot Yohan Blake.

Complaints about hamstring tightness led coach Glen Mills to withdraw Bolt from this week's Diamond League races in Monaco.

And on his way to London, Bolt reportedly made a quick trip to seek treatment from a German doctor for a chronic back problem.

Through it all, he keeps his eyes on the prize and pushes his body to perform amazing feats, as we can see from this Instagram photo he posted yesterday:

"Rough day at the office".

To help him cope with the pressure he escapes by losing himself in video games and other techy adventures.

Among the vital supplies he packed for his trip to London are a camera, laptop, iPad and PlayStation.

So, all in all he seems focused and prepared to defend gold in 2012. Seems like the only thing that could trip him up now would be internet issues... wait. Did you see that tweet he sent his almot 600,000 followers from London yesterday:

"Some cod (Call Of Duty) right now and don't have no net so I am stress out lol".