Wikileaks Documents US Oppression Of Haiti

By admin Wed, 06/08/2011 - 00:00 NewswikileaksHaitipolitics

    Wikileaks is back, with almost 2,000 documents showing the real relationship between the United States and Haiti. Wikileaks has partnered with The Nation and Haiti Liberte to publish the documents, and they paint a disturbing picture of how superpowers work behind the scenes to manipulate the lives of people in the West Indies.

    In this story the Atlantic outlines how the US blocked an oil deal that would have saved Haitians millions, how the deal made sense both for Haiti's strapped budget and poverty-stricken people "the Haitian government would save USD 100 million per year from the delayed payments by American embassy estimates--the United States stonewalled the deal for years to come. American officials apparently helped to enlist Chevron and ExxonMobil, the only U.S. oil companies operating in Haiti, to block their shipments and refuse to transport PetroCaribe oil, a necessary requirement for Haiti to sign the deal."

    And in this story Haiti Liberte exposes how the US fought to keep Haiti's minimum wage at 62 cents an hour.
        "U.S. Embassy in Haiti worked closely with factory owners contracted by Levi’s, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom to aggressively block a paltry minimum wage increase for Haitian assembly zone workers, the lowest paid in the hemisphere, according to secret State Department cables.The factory owners refused to pay 62 cents an hour, or $5 per eight-hour day, as a measure unanimously passed by the Haitian parliament in June 2009 would have mandated."