Social Media Carnival

By admin Wed, 03/02/2011 - 00:00 Culturemedia

Observing Carnival from a social media point of view shows just how technology savvy Trinidad and Tobago revelers have become. You will see from our featured Twitter streams how many entertainers are tweeting about their Carnival experiences and posting videos and photos to Twitter and Facebook. Use of YouTube seems to lag a bit behind, maybe because the intricacies of video can be a bit more intimidating to the average user.

But the social cyber landscape paints a picture of the fierce rivalry erupting between Machel and Bunji ahead of Friday's Soca Monarch Final. Here's Machel with very little of his voice left, performing with Kes The Band at Normandie Under The Trees. In this carnival360 video Machel plugs his Soca Monarch contention, almost forgetting to push his Machel Monday show. In the next video from foreignmovies Bunji unleashes his extempo fire with his own conspiracy theory about the Soca Monarch. But first, palonzo90 asks what's Soca Monarch without Iwer?